A weekend in Sweden
Sweden, 2011-05-29 12:00 by Laerke
My family had arranged for a bit of a family gathering at my Uncle’s house in Sweden and we were happy to join in. We decided to add an extra day and go camping in Hallandsåsen and do a bit of walking there. The weather wasn’t the best but it was fun to get the tent out again and we loved walking in the fresh air and camping next to one of the many beautiful lakes.

On the way to my Uncle’s house we passed a sign saying ‘Elg Safari’ and I’ve always wanted to see Moose so we went for it. It turns out it was calf season and there were so many calves in the park – they were so cute :)

Time spent at my uncl’s place was lovely, he has completely fixed up his house and it looks so great. Martin and I got to sleep in the best bedroom with a huge, soft bed, it made for a lovely night’s sleep. We enjoyed spending some time with my family, ate well and went on a daytrip to a lovely old farm and went for a walk. All in all a lovely weekend!



Weekend in Sweden
South Sweden