Babymoon Thai Style
Babymoon to Thailand! Laerke was 6 months pregnant and we headed of for a holiday with no stress, sun, warmth and time for eachother, before our daugther would arrive. Read More

Springbrake in Florida and south-western USA. Read More

Our first but probably not last time in the Philippines took us to some of the Visaya islands, the hustle and bustle of Manila, green highlands of central Luzon and the beaches of the far north. Read More

A short trip to north eastern Kalimantan, also known as Indonesian Borneo. While a bit tedious to get to, it proved well worth the time spent! Read More

We missed mountains! It was as simple as that; therefore we decided fly to Kathmandu and explore the Kathmandu valley and then slowly work our way up into the Himalayans despite it still being winter in Nepal. Freezin... Read More

Myanmar Fieldtrip
I was going on a University field trip with my class, we were going to Yangon, Nyepidaw and Mandalay and we were going to visit NGO’s, embassies, ministries and even a school/monastery. We also had time to do a bit of... Read More

A two part trip, where Martin first went on a field trip with his Thai university on a field trip to study Japanese industry culture and then Laerke flew in and joined him for a short but very rewarding week of roadtr... Read More

Thailand Living
We have settled in Bangkok, Thailand for at least a couple of years to study here at Chulalongkorn University. We are planning to do many shorter trips around this magnificent country and experience what Thailand can ... Read More

The Family Trip
3 month with Laerkes family around Southeast Asia; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Read More

Ozzie Roadtrip
In late January 2012 we flew from Indonesia to Perth in Western Australia and began our 28 days roadtrip. We covered a lot of ground, ducked hurricanes and "ran" from bushfires, but had a great trip to this ... Read More

Indonesia Living
We stayed in Jakarta, Indonesia for 6 months while Lily did an internship at the danish embassy. During this stay we took a few trips around Java and to our beloved Bali. Read More

Road to Jakarta
A short summer holiday, before Laerke starts her internship with the Royal Danish Embassy in Jakarta. We started out shopping in Bangkok, seeing som colonial architecture in Penang and finally resting at a perfect bea... Read More

Fjords of Norway
A spur of the moment, extended weekend to Western Norway. Bought our flight tickets and rented a car a couple of days before flying to the western capital of Bergen, only 1,5 hours from Copenhagen. The amazing scen... Read More

Weekend in Sweden
A weekend trip to Sweden to visit family and do a little camping. Read More

We spent a week in southern Sweden with Laerkes mom and siblings, enjoyed the vast forests and many lakes outdoors when the sun was shining and escaped to a relaxing game of poker or monoploy indoors when the rain was... Read More

Roskilde Festival
The largest music festival in Scandinavia is a new experience every time, yet it is also like coming home, when your tent is up and camp in place. This year, our Norwegian friends were joining, adding that sweet sing... Read More

Montenegro, a small and little known gem, hidden away in the mountains of the Western Balkans. We entered from Serbia, and drove through mountain passes, over tall bridges spanning deep canyons and into a country that... Read More

We hadn’t originally planned to venture into Serbia, but couldn’t resist a peak, at what might be the most misunderstood country in Europe. Serbians are friendly, welcoming and doesn’t all condole the methods of their... Read More

Bosnia i Herzegovina
Hearing the name Bosnia will conjure up images of a civil war, ethnic cleansings and bombed out houses. True this country has seen a lot of horrors during the '90 but things are turning around. In Mostar we saw he... Read More

A summerholiday visit to the Western Balkans started out in Croatia; as usual we didn't know what to expect, but we were pleasently surprised by the ancient towns and stunning dalmatian coast. Read More

Laerkes trip to Vietnam with Oslo University Read More

Lily spent 4 days in Singapore on a long lay-over on her way to Vietnam. Muse in concert, meeting new lovely Singaporeans and having a good time with older friends were on the menu. Read More

Oman was an incredible contry of barren deserts, lush river valleys and islamic culture. The hospitality of this enchanting contry was immense and we were lucky enough to meet two families whos friendliness and charm ... Read More

Namibia - the first impression was a vast and eerie landscape of endless desert scrub, but remarkably beautiful landscape. The people were equally wonderful and Etosha national park lived up to it's fame! A destin... Read More

South Africa
South Africa a land of great diversity; both in its people and in the fantastic nature. From wild coasts to arid deserts, big cities to one (dirt) road hamlets - everything is here. Read More

Hong Kong
A short stopover in bustling and humid Hong Kong, where we got to see the highrises through smog and haze and chinese pride during the Chinese Nationl Day. Some good shopping was expected but unfortunatly we were rath... Read More

Taiwan, a country known for "Made in Taiwan", but not a country widely visited as a tourist destination. And what a shame that is! Taiwan is a melting pot of hightech and old chinese traditions, with incredi... Read More

Summer in Denmark
The summer in Denmark is an incredible experience. The temperatures are mild and weather sunny (mostly) and every Dane walks around with a smile on his face. After long, dark winters we all go to the beach, barbecue l... Read More

Our trips around Indonesia in 2009 where we were based on Bali for 4-5 months. Indonesia offers so many places to visit, that even though we have been here 3 times before, we will still only get a glimpse of this amaz... Read More

Our trip has now taken us to the famous island of Bali, land of sun, sea and rice paddies. As Laerke is studying at Denpasar University we will stay on Bali for quite a while, hopefully finding a house that we can cal... Read More

Big City Life
Our second visit to Singapore on this trip was another great one. We saw a bit more of the city, did a bit of shopping and had some great nights out with the CouchSurfing gang! 1 month was spend living in Bangkok, w... Read More

South India
Heading south in India we were met by Laerkes family in Mumbai. They were to travel with us for 5 weeks through Maharasta, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. Travelling with children is a challange here in India but also very... Read More

The time had come for us to start our assault at Rajasthan, the fairytale state of India. And we were quite excited about it. I still had very fond memories of the places I visited in Rajasthan almost 5 years ago, and... Read More

North India
Visiting the three coners of Northern India, we experienced first hand the culture and religion of this chaotic contry. From Buddha worship to burning corpses on the Ganges in Varanasi, from garbage pits to green rice... Read More

Southeast Asian delights
A quick forray through selected Southeast Asian contries. It's been a great reunion with the spetacular cultures, beautiful nature and good food! Southeast Asia will always have a special place in our hearts. Read More

Journeys through the Middle Kingdom
Our Silk Road journey came to an end in Urumqi in China, from there we ventured onto Beijing and the rest of China. The vast Chinese empire is filled with old traditions, but modernity is also on the march, especially... Read More

Silk Road
The beginning of our grand journey, talking us down the Silk Road witnessing the magnificent structures of Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent, and the harsh heat of the Uzbek desert sands. We ventured into the Kyrgyz mou... Read More

Syrian Sojourn
We were starting to get restless home in Denmark – the travel fever was raging. So kinda spontaneously (but not so spontaneously that we hadn’t had time to buy a lonely planet Syria) we booked 2 tickets to Damascus! T... Read More

After an intense 5-week summer school in Singapore we needed a vacation – so we went to Vietnam, Mari-e, Greta, Becca and I! We traveled from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the North, stopping at Nah Trang ... Read More

Summerschool in Singapore with fieldtrip to Thailand and Cambodia. Mostly seriously hard work writing papers and getting up early for the fieldtrips, we also got to party it up in the Singaporean night! Read More

Sumatra (and Thailand & Malaysia)
Straddled by equator Sumatra is nearly 2000km long, stretching from Banda Aceh in the north to Bakauheni in the south, as slightly smaller than France. Sumatra is the proud owner of nearly 100 volcanoes, 15 of them st... Read More

During easter 2007 we spend two weeks in morocco, travelling around by car, visiting the foothills and gorges of the Atlas Montains, the vast desert fronteer near Sahara, lush oases, beautiful coastal cities and the e... Read More

Australia and Asia
Lærkes trip to Australia and Southeast Asia, that begun with a sprained toe. Witnessing the beutiful coast of eastern Australia and the dry interior, taking a trip through Laos and then stopping in Bali for party... Read More

Southeast Asia
January 2005 we left Denamrk, we started out in India, and for 2 months we traveled around in the south, we had a great time, with many ups and downs (India in a nutshell). Afterwards we flew to Thailand, everything i... Read More

The 13th of October 2003 I flew to Delhi. I had signed up to volunteer for a NGO in a small village in the Thar Desert, along with 8 other Danes. But first we headed of to a lot of other things. For example we stayed ... Read More