Fjords of Norway
A spur of the moment, extended weekend to Western Norway. Bought our flight tickets and rented a car a couple of days before flying to the western capital of Bergen, only 1,5 hours from Copenhagen.
The amazing scenary, great trekking and great concept of "alle mands retten" (camp whereever you want!) made this a fantastic, but too short, trip! Norway should be hight on every naturelovers itinerary, as this must be one of the most beautiful contries on earth. Cross your fingers for nice weather, pack your camping gear and wont regret it. (Your wallet might though, as this is one expensive country)

Fjords of Norway
Western Fjords, Norway

Start: 2011-06-01
Duration: 5 days
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Geiranger, Snow Road, Aurlandsdalen, Lysefjord

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