Syrian Sojourn
We were starting to get restless home in Denmark – the travel fever was raging. So kinda spontaneously (but not so spontaneously that we hadn’t had time to buy a lonely planet Syria) we booked 2 tickets to Damascus! That name alone evokes pictures of sweet smelling narrow souqs, beautiful mosques and people looking like they just stepped out of a 1001 nights fairytale. However lately with the war on terror and countries being pointed out as being on the axis of evil, Damascus have unfortunately come to evoke other pictures in one’s head too – like a burning Danish flag, raiding and burning of the Danish embassy etc. We decided to try and go with a open mind and see for ourselves – believe me we got surprised. Pleasantly surpised!

Syrian Sojourn

Start: 2008-04-19
Duration: 16 days
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Syria, Palmyra, Damascus, Aleppo

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