Sumatra (and Thailand & Malaysia)
Straddled by equator Sumatra is nearly 2000km long, stretching from Banda Aceh in the north to Bakauheni in the south, as slightly smaller than France. Sumatra is the proud owner of nearly 100 volcanoes, 15 of them still active and the tallest one being 3805 meters tall. In the jungles of Sumatra you may be so lucky to discover Rafflesia arnoldii; the world’s largest flower.

You might also bump into the endangered Sumatran rhino, elephants and Sumatrans tigers. However the main attraction is the orangutan, they can be found in Gunung Leuser National Park – 5000 wild orangutans are believed to still roam the park.
This was the setting for our summer holiday, not bad eh?

Sumatra (and Thailand & Malaysia)
Sumatra, Thailand and Malaysia

Start: 2007-06-08
Duration: 22 days
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Sumatra, Thailand & Malaysia

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