The 13th of October 2003 I flew to Delhi. I had signed up to volunteer for a NGO in a small village in the Thar Desert, along with 8 other Danes. But first we headed of to a lot of other things. For example we stayed at host families, saw Taj Mahal, rafted down Ganges, rode elephants and camels, rappelled down a mountainside, saw a tiger in a national park and so much more...

After the amazing experience of teaching in the school in Shiv and living in the Lok Rang camp, where we also had numerous small trips to the nearby cities like: Jaisalmer, Barmer, Udaipur and Mt. Abu, one other girl (Cristel) and I went south.

We celebrated Christmas in Mumbai, and New Years in Goa (Anjuna) Afterwards we kicked back in Palolem, and at last we got a little culture in Hampi.

After 3 ½ months in India we got on a train back to Delhi (for 48 hours) Had one day in Delhi and then flew home on the 21st of January 2004.
It was a fantastic trip, and you can see all the pictures I took along the way right on this site.


Start: 2003-10-13
Duration: 100 days
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