Roskilde Festival
The largest music festival in Scandinavia is a new experience every time, yet it is also like coming home, when your tent is up and camp in place. This year, our Norwegian friends were joining, adding that sweet sing-song language of theirs to the mix. Beer, music and party is on the menu, as well as sun, rain and wind. This year we had the best weather, which sparked many waterfights, visits to the lake (or pool) and a constant need for new refreshments – often in the form of a lukewarm beer or a gulp of “fisk” (a Danish licorice-like spirit). We danced the nights away, cheered at concerts and played many, many games; including “ring-throwing”, “gummi hat” and of cause beer-races.

Roskilde Festival

Start: 2010-06-26
Duration: 8 days
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Roskilde Music Festival

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