Southeast Asia
January 2005 we left Denamrk, we started out in India, and for 2 months we traveled around in the south, we had a great time, with many ups and downs (India in a nutshell). Afterwards we flew to Thailand, everything in Thailand seemed so easy compared to India. And they do have some great beaches!

After some time spend in Thailand, we took a plane from Bangkok to Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar. Here we spend a wonderful, though and very rewarding month. The people were lovely, the food not so lovely, the sights were amazing, the roads were awful!

We didn’t spend very long in Cambodia, we were eager to get on to Malaysia and Indonesia, but stayed long enough to see Angkor Wat, and experience the poverty.

I was pleasantly surprised in Malaysia, here traveling around was a breeze, but most importantly the people of Malaysia struck me as very kind and helpful, always ready to help you out.

Singapore was very modern, but still also very interesting. It was great to see different cultures and religions thriving close together. You could go for a walk amoung the many colorful temples in Little India, hear the calling to prayer at the great Sultan Mosque in the arab quater and get lost among the vendors and shops in chinatown.

Indonesia was an amazing country, so large and so diverse. Even though we spend about 2 months there, we were “only” on Java, Bali, Lombok, Komodo and Flores. We experienced Balis touristy and noisy side and its very beautiful, green and friendly side, Great volcanoes, big cities, tiny villages, komodo dragons, a lovely 3 day sail trip, beaches and island life and genuine hospitality. Most definitely a place we will return to in the future!

We were away for 6 ½ months all together, it was an amazing trip and we have so many great memories of the places we have visited and the people we meet, both the locals and other travelers.

We have uploaded some of our pictures from the trip to this site, so you can get a glimpse of these amazing contries and their people.

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia

Start: 2005-01-04
Duration: 200 days
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