Taiwan, a country known for "Made in Taiwan", but not a country widely visited as a tourist destination. And what a shame that is! Taiwan is a melting pot of hightech and old chinese traditions, with incredible nature and a small, but very interesting aboriginal population. Someone once told us that Taiwan is almost more Chinese than China itself.
Taiwanese people are extremely welcoming and friendly, and while English is not very commonly spoken, it is still easy enough to visit Taiwan as an independent traveler. The island is perfect for camping, and even have many totally free campsites - with hot showers, clean toilets and great locations.
The small island nation is just waiting for visitors to come and enjoy what there is on offer...


Start: 2009-08-20
Duration: 30 days
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Taipei, Highway 9, Highway 11, Lanyu, Taroko Gorge, Snow Mountain, Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail, Sansia and Maokong, Yuluns Photos

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