Kapas Island
Pulau Kapas, Malaysia, 2011-07-26 12:00 by Laerke
A night bus delivered us at Kuala Terrangangu’s bus station at 7 a.m after a 12 hour drive from Penang, had we had our own car we could have definitely have done it a lot faster – the bus took some pretty long breaks in some pretty random places. At least the bus was pretty comfortable with big seats that could recline really far back, and no need to worry about sweating. The AC was blasting so hard I sat freezing in my big fleece sweater!
From the bus station it was just a hop, skip and a taxi ride and a quick boat trip and we had our feet firmly planted in the soft sand on the island. It is as beautiful as we had remembered from last time we were here a few years ago, the water is amazing –clear and blue and lapping up against the white sand. After discussing it for a while we agreed that the water was like gin with a little squlp of Bolls Blue in it :)

After looking around for a bit we ended up at Qimi’s Chalets, a wonderful, cozy place. We have got a little chalet with a mosquito net (very much needed!) and a fan by the bed, and with attached bathroom – what more do you need then? The rest of the set up here include another 9 chalets and a restaurant that cooks up some lovely seafood dishes and refreshing juices. It is all served on the beach, and there are also two little pavilions to chill out in – we have tested those pretty thoroughly and can attest that they are great for lazing away whole afternoons with a book and a cold drink.
Besides reading and laying around in ‘our’ pavilion we have also engaged in a few other island activities – swimming, long walks on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling and yes we have also thrown a few rocks into the sea. We love it here on the island, but I could see us growing bored if we stayed another week :) But we are not going to, work starts in less than a week in Jakarta – so we are just gonna enjoy our island time and try not to get any more mosquito bites!


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