Mai Pen Rai – Ko Pha-ngan
Koh Phangan, Thailand, 2012-08-30 10:36 by Laerke
Mai Pen Rai means something along the lines of “don’t worry be happy” and that is just what we needed after our long journey south.

The journey here from Bangkok went something like this: taxi ride for an hour - wait for 2 hours - bus for 12 hours - wait for 2 hours - ferry for 2,5 hour - wait for 2 hours - pick-up taxi for 45 min (on hellish roads!)-arrive at the beach!


Scenery along the way at dawn

Our bungalow is a little piece of rustic bliss, up on a boulder and at the end of steep staircase you enter into a spacious bungalow. The four poster bed, hung with a mozzie net, is made of driftwood and from the bed you can look out the window down at the ocean. The bathroom is bigger than most and has some of the rock face incorporated into the walls, the floor is covered in pebbles and larger stepping stones from a path to the toilet and to the shower (which is cold water only). My favorite place though is the balcony with its amazing view down on the beach and the beautiful blue ocean all of it backed by a small jungle clad mountain, the view can either be enjoyed sitting with a good book by the table or you can swing the day away in the hammock – perfection :)


We spent the days swimming in the warm ocean, reading paperbacks from the extensive book collection in the restaurant, and doing little hikes to the other side of the headland to swim on the beach there. Martin even managed to get some work done on the somewhat sporadic internet connection, working with your toes in the sand and a view of the ocean isn’t half bad he admitted :)


This little bungalow on top of a huge boulder is actually part of the now closed/abandoned Treehouse Resort, they lost their land lease and rumour has it a big swanky resort is going to be built here instead. Too bad, I quite like it as it is now.