Asger in Melaka
Melaka, Malaysia, 2012-02-22 12:00 by Asger
Guest post Laerke's younger brother Asger:

On our trip to Melakka in Malaysia we went to a Chinese temple, and discovered funny things that they do when they pray. First let me tell about how the temple looked, it was very beautiful, all the doors and windows was carved very good looking like animals and dragons, painted with gold paint. There was also a little shop that sold incense and papers that you could set fire to, and send it to the gods. We saw also a Chinese woman, who asked the gods something, and she sat on the floor with two small wooden moons and when she threw them on the ground it was depending on they were laying on wrong or right side it meant yes or no. On the picture you can see me putting incense in a bowl. When we were heading home to our hotel we saw a shop selling paper things that you could burn and send it to your family that has passed away. There were all sorts of things, like cars, houses, food and even a massage chair.

Asger in Melaka


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