Bangkok With My Family
Bangkok, Thailand, 2012-04-12 12:00 by Laerke
Our last stop on this epic family trip was Bangkok – and to go out with a BANG we were here during Songkran. Pure madness!

I wanted to show my family what is probably my favorite temple in Bangkok; Wat Saket, in English know as Golden Mount. We were lucky and had excellent weather with a radiant blue sky, the sun beaming down on us also made it very hot. But the view and the photos were good :)

Left: Asger and Marie is placing incense and making wishes.
Right: Asger is following the Songkran tradition of pouring water over a Buddha statue


Seeing that it was Songkran we of course had to join some of the many water fights!

Top left: Marie and I after a rough fight on Soi Rambutri, top right: SONGKRAN, bottom left: go nowhere unarmed! Bottom right: before a water fight :)


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