Bustling Beijing
Beijing, China, 2008-07-24 12:00 by Martin and Laerke
Venturing almost as far east as possible overland, brought us to the bustling capital of China, Beijing. Approaching Beijing the air got thicker condensing into a thick haze; a mix of fog and pollution. We lodged in a small guesthouse in one of the many Hutongs, a maze of narrow alleys that shelters the city’s delightful courtyard architecture and where old people lounge outside their homes all day long. Beijing at once seems so modern and commercial, yet amble pockets of historical charms survive.
Beijing also lays claim to some of China’s most famous sites, such as The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square which we all enjoyed. However one of our favorites was Bei Hai Park, with its beautiful typical Chinese bridges and temples. The best spot in the park was sitting on a bench right by the vast lake filled with pink lotus flowers and swarming with dragonflies, a superb spot for people watching.


2008-09-02 16:19 by Rune
Hi guys,Super to hear from you guys and to read about your journy. Especially this post, because I ve been in Pingyao and Yangshuo, incredible places. Keep up the good work, doing what we we all dream of back home. \Rune