Pulau Siladen
Siladen Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2009-05-06 12:00 by Laerke
After 3 days at Bunaken Island we sailed to Siladen Island, a small island approximately 30 min away in boat. Tante Martha from Tante Martha’s Homestay welcomed us with open arms as soon as we stepped off the boat, I think she was pretty excited to have some guests, especially when she found out I spoke Indonesian – lots of island gossip ensued :-)
The beach on Siladen is beautiful, it beats anything Bunaken could offer. Right outside our hut was the beautiful clear ocean, this spot was also sometimes the local kids playground. It was entertaining seeing them playing and fooling around on the beach, homemade boats out of flamingo were set to sea and of course there was a lot of splashing around - the simple pleasures of being an island kid! The funniest thing they did were on land running competitions, while still wearing diving flippers!
When walking a little further down the beach you got to the “Siladen Spa” which is a fancy up market resort, here we shamelessly used their beach – it was completely empty.

Every day we went snorkeling, there was a drop-off approximately 100 meters from the beach, there was a lot of beautiful coral and the reef was teeming with fish – in all shapes, sizes and colors. We saw loads of reef fish, most of them I don’t even know the names of, but amongst others there were banner fish, puffer fish, clown fish, trigger fish, parrot fish and many, many others. One day we saw a big turtle and another we were lucky enough to see a long, black and white sea snake, it was fascinating to see it snake its way through the water.


2009-06-23 11:05 by Wilfried MAISY
Hello, I am interested in staying in Siladen in August. Do you have the phone number of Martha ? Do you think there are enough Guest house so i can go there without booking. Thanks.

2009-07-07 21:09 by Martin
Martha doesn t have a phone, so the only way is to turn up ;) She has 6 or so huts, so outside peak periods there is a good chance of securing one - in peak periods...I don t know?

2009-11-09 10:48 by Pia
Siladen Tante marthas telephone:081382151451 Movaor 08540097488 BozzaMartha does not speak English, bur these numbers are to peole in same family.Marthas homestay new price is 200 000 rp per person, wich is a lot, because the huts are old, but the beach is great, and you can see groups of delfins from your verandah.