Welcome to Namibia!
Fish River Canyon, Namibia, 2009-10-26 12:00 by Laerke
This is day one in Namibia, and I’m smitten! The landscapes we have driven through – wow! It is all open, dry and slightly barren to look at, but above all beautiful. We are now in Fish River Canyon, we left South Africa this morning, we drove from Citusdal to the border and then onto here, all in all about 800km, it bit tiring but it went fine. The border crossing also went smooth, it was easy-peasy to get out of South Africa, going into Namibia they wanted to know the address of where we were going, if we could please state how much money we thought we were going to spend in Namibia – just approximately, and other crucial stuff like that… There has got to be some kind of law that says that border officials have to seem slightly bothered and tired, anyways it was all over in 15 minutes and we were on our way into the moonscape that is Namibia. We were a bit astonished that the scenery could change so much just across the border, and we definitely felt like we were in a different country – even though the ATM spat out South African rand (a bit weird).

The place we are staying at is called Canon Roadhouse and it is quite nice, it has an interesting theme trying to recreate an old Route 66 fantasy with vintage cars with cactuses growing out of them and number plates decorating the restaurant.
The camp site is great too; we have got a very secluded spot under a big tree – nice and cozy :-) Plus there is a lovely swimming pool with sun chairs and the whole shebang.

The Fish River Canyon is a big and impressive, but somehow they surrounding scenery made a bigger impression on us. Quivertrees dotted the landscape and they were the only thing growing to more than a meter tall. The sunset over the desert was totally out of this world; it almost looked like the sky was on fire!