A Hoi An saturday
Hoi An, Vietnam, 2010-03-20 12:00 by Laerke
Got up at 6-ish for a day of sightseeing: My Son a UNESCO World Heritage Site, beautiful butterflies and cute geckos added to the experience. Later a hot climb up Marble Mountain, Vietnamese school kids were swarming around my legs like little ants :) Explored baby blue pagodas and huge underground caves filled in sweet smoky incense and Buddha sculptures.

We had seafood at the beach, listening to the waves and comparing funny words in Danish/Norwegian with the Norwegian girls.

Found a cute place for dinner, an old fading colonial house with moldy yellow walls, we stuffed ourselves with fresh spring rolls and Vietnamese dishes we didn’t know – delicious!

A beautiful full moon hung low over Hoi An city and lanterns were flowing in front of every house, the river was a hive of activity, people strolling and boating. We sailed up the river taking in all the lights and I decided I love this city.

Shared to-die-for cakes with good friends and then we moved on to the bar, the rest of the evening a happy flow of mojitos and buckets, crazy dancing all night long, tequila shots in the pool and flying home on the back of a motor bike at 4.30 in the morning, the sweet Asian wind caressing my cheeks.