A little corner of Serbia
Zlatibor, Serbia, 2010-05-26 12:00 by Laerke
We nipped into Serbia to the region of Zlatibor. Zlatibor is a charming mountainess patchwork of small village settlements, in the winter it is a skiing destination and in the summer people come to hike, bike and horseback ride in the green rolling hills. We managed to find a whole apartment with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom (bigger than our place own at home) to rent for a couple of days, we thought it was quite a bargain for 20 Euro a night!

Zlatibor enchanted us with its wildflowers, cute old cars and traditional houses and churches in wood. We went for a walks in the green hills and had a picnic lunch in the sun.

We explored the small roads snaking through the mountains from one village to another in our little Skoda. We went to a huge cave that contained some ‘baths’, nobody in Serbia seemed to speak any English and it was the same with the guy taking money at the entry to the cave, but he was friendly and offered us raijka – that is some strong stuff! Luckily we made friends with a little family of 3 where dad was French-Canadian and mom was Serbian, so Stella as her name was, could translate for us, and that was lucky because raijka-guy knew a lot of great stories about the cave including everything from mummified animal to TV-host jumping into the icy-cold baths and almost catching lumonia! Sylvain and Stella and their little girl Lara was heading to a waterfall nearby and we tagged along, the waterfall was beautiful and it was in many layers and we followed it further and further down – good fun! It turned out that Sylvain and Stella had rented a little cabin in an open-air museum that we had been trying to find – so once again we tagged along :) We ended up spending all evening with them, having a scrumptious typical Serbian very meat-based meal and later we had lovely strong Turkish coffee and watched the semi-finals of the Eurovision show. Eurovision is BIG down here, and we all cheered when Denmark made it onto the finals! :) It was a lovely day with great company.