Durmitor National Park
Montenegro, 2010-05-28 12:00 by Laerke
We enter what we think is the camping ground, but it might also just be somebody’s front yard… An gnarly man meets us with a grunt, we confirm that this is indeed a camping ground and put up our tent. Martin ask the guy how much it cost to camp, and we think he said 9 euro’s, he is not too easy to understand…
We put up our tent – and it has been a while since we had a view like this from our tent – right behind us a huge snow capped mountain juts out of the green pine forests and reaches way up into the blue sky, this place is gorgeous!

Gnarly man points toward the forest and ushers us that way, pointing we understand so we head off. It turns out it is a back road into the national park (gnarly man just saved us the entrance fee!) and we are surrounded by mountainess beauty all around us. We decided to do the walk around the lake, it is a pretty easy and very scenic walk, or at least it is easy on one side of the lake, on the other side we have to pass through several small waterfalls thundering down the mountain side. We take our shoes off and wade through; the water is freezing cold as it was melted snow from the top of the mountain – brrr!